Kahanamoku Brothers makes it's Surf Shorts, Beach Shorts,  and Paddling Shorts for  water sports enthusiast that live in their "water sports"  clothing. Waterman Gear is built to withstand constant use and abuse and still be comfortable and provide freedom of movement. Our history involves generations of family involved Waterman from the fisherman to the surfer, paddler and olympic swimmers as well as lifelong beach boys. Our products are all made in the spirit of those who came before us and for those who come after us. Our culture tells us that we must "respect the land" (Aina) and "respect the sea" (Kai) this motivates us to build all of our products with the "Aina"and "Kai"  in mind. Fabrics used, and the production process used to create our waterman gear are the latest environment  friendly recyclable raw goods that meet our standards.